Important online dating tips for a solo traveler

It’s quite normal to have a date or two while you travel and it’s often nice to get to know locals, to exchange ideas, to learn different cultures. At the same time, it could be a risk if you traveled alone. Here are some tips I would like to share with you all.

  1. Do not give your telephone number, because nowadays we use telephone number to verify many important accounts. Hence, you wouldn’t like your number to fall into the wrong hands. If he says he wants to text you later, you can always say…he/she can still text via dating apps…..Remember, you can always give your number later.
  1. Do ask for an actual image of your chat partner to make sure that you chat with this person and not someone else. If he/she says no then you should stop, because nowadays one can take a quick selfie easily from a smartphone.
  2. Place to meet, this is a tricky part, but let me tell you about pros and cons.

3.1 Meeting in your hotel


  • There are always CCTV cameras inside a hotel, so if something goes wrong, the hotel staffs can act promptly to help you.
  • Usually, a hotel asks for an ID before your dating partner is allowed to go inside. This way, the hotel knows who he/she is.
  • Meeting firstly in a lobby or a hotel bar or restaurant is a good idea, because you are surrounded by hotel staffs.


  • Your dating partner knows exactly where you stay.

FYI, if you plan to take your dating partner into your room later, you should keep your valuable belonging firstly inside your safe.

3.2 Meeting outside your hotel

Do take only a copy of your ID or Passport, a hotel visiting card, and small amount of money and choose a place which is located not too far away from your hotel and study the map, so you know how to go back to the hotel.


  • Your dating partner doesn’t know where you stay.
  • If you meet in a pub and feel like he’s weird, you will have a lot of chance to sneak out of the bar or pub easily.


  • It happens occasionally in a bar, especially in Brazil and South America when a tourist is drugged. So be careful about your drink and cover your glass with your hand.
  • If you want to go to your dating partner place after some drinks, it won’t probably be a good idea, because you will never know what will happen. So decide carefully.
  1. If you feel unsure about your dating partner, but you still want to meet him or her…You should send his or her pictures or profile name to your closest friend before you will go meet him/her.
  2. Always know how much you can drink and be cautious.
  3. Trust your gut!

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