Why 3 Days Journeys ?

Most travel websites and blogs typically focus on providing comprehensive information about specific cities and travel destinations. What they usually do not deliver is the answer to a rather common question – “How many days do I need to visit this city?”. Hence my idea of a “smart travel blog” presenting ready-to-use three day trip suggestions for various cities. Why three days? A large number of travelers prefer to take a long weekend trip from Friday till Sunday, or sometimes Monday. Moreover, readers of this blog can also combine trips easily with this concept, e.g. visiting Croatia for 3 days and Slovenia for 3 days, in case they want to extend a long weekend trip to a full week trip. Or 3+1 concept for a trip that requires more than 3 days like NYC+Washington, D.C.

The information and images in 3-Day Journeys come from my own journeys across the world. I love photography, traveling and have already visited more than 50 territories and countries in 6 continents. I have no intention of stopping anytime soon, so make sure to regularly check for new content!